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Hubei JINQUAN Won the Title of Jinmen Scientific Innovation “Advanced enterprise” in Succession

On the morning of 7th march, Jinmen held 2018 city scientific technology conference with the aims of implementing national and provincial scientific technology instructions,and awarding the 2017 point scientific units


HUBEI JINQUAN Won the Type Approval Certification of China Classification Society

Recently, HUBEI JINQUAN successfully won the type approval certification of China Classification Society with its product “iron phosphate lithium battery” (model LF75, LF90), which is applied in ship and marine facilities power storage battery. The certification is valid until 10thFebruary 2022.


Quality Enhances Growth And Innovation Promotes Development ——Hubei JINQUAN Held 2017 Annual Awarding and Spring Festival Celebration Evening

Winter went away with a breeze of spring blows into Jinmen. Hubei JINQUAN held its 2017 annual awarding and spring festival celebration evening in 5thFebruary; all the staff got together to share their achievements in 2017 and to start a New Year journey!


Hubei Jinquan Expresses Wishes to the New Year’s Day!

Hubei Jinquan Expresses Wishes to the New Year’s Day!


Hubei JINQUAN Hubei Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base Successfully Approved

From Jinmen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hubei JINQUAN Hubei Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base successfullyapprovedin 19th,which signed the technology development, innovation and theoretical practice of Hubei JINQUAN has been highly accepted by the government and academic community.


Another Visit of JINQUAN—Hubei Province Governor Zhou XianwangVisit Hubei JINQUAN

Hubei Province Vice-Governor Zhou Xianwang arrived in Hubei JINQUAN on 8thDecember, Jinmen Municipal Committee SecretoryZhang Aiguo, Jinmen High-Tech Working Committee Secretory and DuodaoDistrict Committee Secretory Wu Yingbiao attended. Hubei JINQUAN General Manager Dr. LvZhengzhong and Deputy General Manager Liang Rongbinhosted the visit.


The Investigation of New Secretary of JinmenMunicipal Party Committee, Hubei JINMEN Won Recognition

On the morning of 29thDecember, the new Secretary of Jinmen Municipal Party CommitteeZhang Aiguoinvestigated Hubei JINQUAN,


Hubei JINQUAN appeared on the 2017 China new type city forum Jinmen summit

2017 China new type city forum Jinmen summit opened in Jinmen green ecological technology industrial city international convention center, nearly thousand people including experts and entrepreneurs from national ministries


Pay close attention to fire protection, for the sake of safety

Nov 9th, 2017 is the 26th National Fire Protection Day. On Nov 8th, the opening ceremony of the “119”fire protection awareness month in 2017 together with the appointment ceremony of the commonweal messenger for the fire protection publicity was held in Jingmen city.