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HUBEI JINQUAN Won the Type Approval Certification of China Classification Society


Recently, HUBEI JINQUAN successfully won the type approval certification of China Classification Society with its product “iron phosphate lithium battery” (model LF75, LF90), which is applied in ship and marine facilities power storage battery. The certification is valid until 10thFebruary 2022. 



Fields of application:

Electric bus

Electric midibus

Telecom ESS

The certification allows HUBEI JINQUAN to get into the ship power storage market, which represents the approval of national marine technology examination institutes to HUIBEI JINQUAN’s iron phosphate lithium battery and means the iron phosphate lithium battery can be applied into China’s ship manufacture field, moreover, it has positive effect of EVE Energy and HUBEI JINQUAN in extending products application and distribution channel, optimizing products, promoting marketing pattern and competitiveness as well as stimulating performance growth.