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Quality Enhances Growth And Innovation Promotes Development ——Hubei JINQUAN Held 2017 Annual Awarding and Spring Festival Celebration Evening


Winter went away with a breeze of spring blows into Jinmen. Hubei JINQUAN held its 2017 annual awarding and spring festival celebration evening in 5thFebruary; all the staff got together to share their achievements in 2017 and to start a New Year journey!


The evening began with a grand dance show. Attended guests and colleagues reviewed JINQUAN’s development in 2017 through a video. Dr. LvZhongzheng, General Director of Hubei JINQUAN made a New Year speech. First of all, Dr. Lv expressed his gratitude and wishes to friends in kinds of fields and staff in JINQUAN, later he said, “We have made joint effort in accelerating the development of our beautiful factory in 2017, and made a firm base for the next year with steadily rose production and sales, stable production quality and a general improvement of staff capabilities. Basically, our goal in 2018 is to achieve 1.58 billion and challenge 2 billion, it will need a joint effort of production, technology, sales and infrastructure departments.



The meeting awarded 2017 outstanding representatives. Those awards include 6 columns, “Outstanding Staff”, “Outstanding Team Leaders”, “Outstanding Technicians”, “Outstanding FEOs”, “Potential New Employees” and “Excellent Employees”, and awarded 111 personnel altogether.


During the show time, Tibetangirls and boys performed their minor ethnic group dance; staff brought their all kinds of shows, exhibited colorful enterprise culture in Hubei JINQUAN. With applauses and laughter, the evening was happy and jubilant!


Along with difficult and hope, challenge and chance, Hubei JINQUAN will tightly follow national policies and industrial develop pace, enhance research ability, produce excellent products to build a beautiful enterprise and expand market shares, we will keep our steady and rapid development!