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Product Characteristics

Introduced high level automatic production line to ensure high consistency of the battery performance.

The batteries adopt prismatic aluminum shell with composite cover, ensure high safety performance with no leakage.

Low inner resistance, high discharging rate, stable discharging platform.

Customized design

Long cycle life, after 3500 cycles of 1.0C/1.0C discharging and recharging, the capacity still can reach 80% or above.

Environment friendly: the battery fulfill ISO14000, GB, UN and ROHS certifications.



  • LF68
  • LF68
  • LF75
  • LF75
  • Batteries Series
  • Batteries Series
  • Batteries Series
  • LN40P


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Specifications Insist on innovation of production process, import the fully-automatic production equipment, build a high level production method. Relize Intelligent production, providing products with high reliability.