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Quality policy


Quality first, Jinquan always take quality as the first priority; the company keep paying attention on Customer, R&D, Processing, Supplier Chain and operating.


To fulfill the delivery requirements with high quality product is a new standard for the every company in this period, it is also a key measurement of Company Operating and Management.


Technical is the base of the development of the companies, and it is the core factor to relize the mission of an enterprise.


Commitment for the customer, colleagues and the social shows the company culture and the management quality of an enterprise.

Production Process Insist on innovation of production process, import the fully-automatic production equipment, build a high level production method. Relize Intelligent production, providing products with high reliability.



Import the most advanced equipment from the USA, holding the most advanced mixing manufacturing concept, automatically control the input and output of the material. Jinquan achieved the maximum manufacture efficiency and most accurate control method, ensure the output and quality for 400 thousand batteries every day.
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Input the double coating method which is same with Samsung and Panasonic. Based on this coating method, Jinquan not only reduced the setup time and the wasting of roll changing, but also improved the production efficiency and realized lean manufacturing. It can also realize coating thickness online inspeciton, the highest speed of coating is 25m/min.
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Based on the seamless integration of the imported advanced equipment and EVE technology,  Jinquan has realized perfect accuracy adjustment, fully online control and double side synchronous press process.And thus ensure the tolerance of roller compaction thickness been strict controlled in ±2μm
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Even if manufacturing 400000pcs / day, the hob still keep stable and accurate, it ensures the perfect quality of the electrode sheet. On Jinquan production line, the Quality and Production Speed are perfectly combined on each guide rail.
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Jinquan has imported 12 winding machines from Japan, each device can realize output of 30 roll core every minute with 30 PPM. It has achieved the most advanced level in the industry, but this is only the starting point in the plan of EVE and Jinquan.Tthe equipments can also realize fully automatic splicing and roll changing, it is suitable for different models within the shortest roll changing time, based on these, EVE and Jinquan are establishing a faster and better winding process.
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Jinquan has owened two fully automatically assembly line and can realize 260 pcs/min output with 260PPM, but it is just the beginning of our plan. Based on the best automated production line in the world, Jinquan promises to establish a superb assembly production line with highest efficiency and best quality control in the world.
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Jinquan Imported the most advanced equipment from Korea It can realize unmanned automated information management and automatic monitoring, thus to ensure the consistency and production capacity of the power batteries. All of the information record is controlled by online system, all products and components on line shall be monitored by machine, it completely avoid the risk of manual work.
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Information automation management, closely connected with the former process, relying on the bar code control segment of each battery, it can ensure the traceability of each single cell, and make sure each battery which provided to the customer is perfect.
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